Teeming with life

30 September 2020

Rob Beeson

By Will Fisher, Bournemouth University

Who knew Dorset’s rivers and streams held such a diverse array of fish? I certainly did not and was fortunate enough to spend three weeks tagging Salmon and Trout alongside incredibly knowledgeable and supportive GWCT scientists. We also encountered Perch, Roach, Gudgeon, Grayling, Pike, and much more!

This crucial long-term research project will inform us how healthy Salmonidae populations are in our natural watercourses, and links in with many other aspects affecting riverine ecosystems including climate change, pollution levels, and watercourse obstructions to migration. A highly recommended placement experience which I hope to return to next year.

Sometimes Salmon and Trout do not migrate to the sea and remain in the river. This impacts the survivability of any offspring they have, as their fitness is below its potential. Photo: W. Fisher.


The boat ready and prepared for another perfect day electrofishing on the river.


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