What is SAMARCH?

The SAlmonid MAngement Round the CHannel (SAMARCH) is a multi-year project (2017-2023) part funded by the EU Interreg VA France (Channel) England programme. The project has collected new transferable scientific evidence to inform the management of salmon and sea trout (salmonids) in the estuaries and coastal waters on both the French and English sides of the Channel.

The SAMARCH project

Ten partners, five in England and five in France, working together to collect new information on the biology and ecology of migrating salmon and sea trout, to improve their protection in estuaries and coastal areas.


Studying the movements and mortality of migrating salmon and trout smolts in freshwater, through estuaries and transitional coastal water.


Studying the movement and behaviour of adult sea trout through estuaries and at sea.


Providing new information on the survival and migration of young salmon and sea trout in four estuaries in the Channel area.


Providing new information on the movement, mortality and swimming depths of adult sea trout in the Channel.


Providing new information on long-term changes in salmon growth rates from the analysis of historical scale collections.


Analysing the DNA of trout to map the key areas and habitats used by sea trout in the Channel.


Creating a genetic database for trout on both sides of the Channel.


Providing information to further improve the stock assessment models used in England and France to manage salmonids.


Enhancing our understanding of the differences in life history between male and female salmon, which is essential to better manage populations.


Training students and stakeholders in the management of coastal and transitional waters, and salmon ecology.

What is the SAMARCH project about?

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and sea trout (Salmo trutta) have declined by as much as 70% since the 1970s. The SAMARCH project has been gathering information on salmonid populations that can be used to improve the management and protection of these populations in The Channel area.

The tracking elements of the project focuses on the five “Index” rivers in the Channel area. These are the rivers Frome and Tamar in the south of England and the Scorff, Oir and Bresle in northern France.

Work Packages

The SAMARCH project partners have been working together on four work packages.

Fish Tracking

Tracking salmon and sea trout use of and mortality in transitional and coastal waters

Genetic Tool Development

Developing novel genetic tools for managing migratory trout in Transitional and Coastal Waters (TCW)

Salmonid Stock Assessment Models

Novel Improvements to Salmonid Stock Assessment information and tools

Stakeholders & Training

Informing and developing new policies and training the managers of the future to improve the management of salmonids in our estuaries and coastal waters


The project includes 10 partners from France and England who are a blend of research, fisheries management and regulatory organisations; and key stakeholders.