Teaming up to catch trout off the Cornish coast

4 June 2018

Rob Beeson

On the evening of Tuesday 29 May, SAMARCH project partner staff from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Exeter University and the Environment Agency worked in collaboration with the Cornwall Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) on board the Tiger Lily to catch sea trout off the coast of Cornwall.

This is to investigate how sea trout from different rivers move around the channel area and their locations at different times of year in the sea. Samples were taken from sea trout to compare their genetics against a data base of trout genetics created from some 80 rivers in the Channel area also being developed by the project, enabling for each fish to be assigned back to its river of birth.

A huge thanks to Colin and his team for working with us and supplying us all with gallons of tea and biscuits to keep us awake until we got back to port at 4am on Wednesday morning.


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