Samarch Placement

27 September 2021

Rob Beeson

By Hope Rochell, Bournemouth University

I worked on the SAMARCH fieldwork placement for 25 days in the late summer. It was a completely new experience for me: electrofishing and tagging juvenile salmon and trout within the River Frome, Dorset, UK. Working alongside the experienced staff from both the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and Cefas was a truly enjoyable and informative experience, and a rich insight into my potential future. I personally recommend this placement to all whether you’re interested in fish or not. Fieldwork is the backbone of all data analysis and projects.

It was amazing to see projects come alive and work outdoors with scenery changes and see the data first-hand. I’ve met scientists from all careers; Marine biology and ecology, statisticians, consultants, researchers, publishers and lecturers. I have developed my knowledge and understanding of aquatic ecosystems, improved my identification skills and learnt new skills like fishing. It’s a fun opportunity for all.


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