My SAMARCH placement

17 September 2018

Rob Beeson

By Ossi Turunen, Bournemouth University

Since August 28th a lot has happened. I have been working with the SAMARCH team every day and what great days have they been!

I have met some amazing people, I have seen beautiful places and gorgeous pieces of river, I have seen big fish, I have seen small fish. I have learned a great deal about electro fishing and about salmonids and I have seen fish species I had never seen before. I have also developed even greater interest in freshwater ecology and salmonids than I had before starting this placement.

First day of electro fishing

Measuring the length of a recaptured brown trout

The last week of my SAMARCH placement is about to start and soon this years fieldwork for salmon and trout parr tagging will be over but I am hoping to come back next year!


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