By Genoveva Esteban (Bournemouth University) and Ivan Bernez (Agrocampus Ouest)

Three French Masters’ students from Agrocampus Ouest have joined SAMARCH this academic year, supervised by Ivan Bernez. They are Zacharie Coq, Louan Dautreppe and Nathan Dalbet. They came up with the brilliant idea of doing a project to “interview” the Scorff river; they want to focus, not only on the salmon and the sea trout, but also on other aspects of this river (culture, biodiversity, fishing, etc.).

They recently visited the Scorff and met Serge Nicolas, member of the fishing association AAPPMA Plouay. They also visited INRA’s stunning salmon counter at Pont-Scorff where they met Nicolas Jeannot. Stay tuned because they will shortly be uploading a video that, rest assured, will cheer up your day! Welcome Louan, Nathan and Zacharie!

Good things come in threes

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