Catching sea trout kelts on the Frome in January 2018

21 May 2018

Rob Beeson

Fortunately, the weather was dry and sunny for our fishing to catch sea trout kelts (a kelt is a fish that has spawned and is on its way back to sea) on the Frome in January. We are catching sea trout kelts to insert 2 tags so that we can gather information from the tags on the timings, movements and locations and swimming depth of these fish in the lower river and at sea.

Bill Beaumont and Luke Scott of GWCT, electrofishing to catch sea trout kelts on the Frome

Dr Celine Artero and Bill Beaumont preparing to insert tags into this spawned sea trout from the Frome

The sea trout is now tagged and recovering

Celine safely returns the fish to the river so it can continue its journey back to the sea


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