By Vic Hyde, Bournemouth University

Enjoy the video of my time spent on the SAMARCH project with the GWCT! Featuring an introduction to the project, videos and photos of electro-fishing, the safe handling of juvenile and adult brown trout, sea trout and salmon, the data collection and tagging process, and an interview with a fisheries scientist and statistician.

I thoroughly enjoyed my university placement; I met some great people and I feel very proud that I was able to help collect scientific data that will be used to conserve threatened salmonid populations. We must aim to educate people on salmon and trout and the issues they face, as they truly are incredible and iconic native fish species! Any questions or comments are welcome in the comments box on this website or can be directed to me personally via my social media or contact details at the end of the video.

Please share and enjoy, Thank you, Vic

A placement year spent working on SAMARCH (Video)

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