BU students involved in EU conservation project

Bournemouth University students are working alongside conservation experts on an EU-wide project to understand the migration habits of wild salmon and sea trout in the river Frome in Dorset, where the salmon population has been monitored for nearly 50 years. Read more

New study reveals crucial data on tagging wild salmon smolts

CAPTURING and tagging wild salmon smolts has minimal impact on their survival at sea in typical weather and river temperatures, a new study has shown. Read more

Latest research to be discussed at SAMARCH conference

SCIENTISTS, managers, technicians and fishermen from across Europe are meeting at an international conference on declining salmonids from May 16th to May 18th in France. Read more

SAMARCH project leads to GWCT boat envy

The Partnership agreement with the Environment Agency is proving to be very beneficial for discussing ideas and for gaining the various permissions that the project requires for the SAMARCH sampling campaign. Read more

Multi-million pound fisheries project officially launched

A multi-million pound project that will provide crucial evidence to strengthen the protection of salmon and sea trout at sea has officially launched. Read more

SAMARCH project team raring to go

SAMARCH was formally approved in May 2017 and in June 2017 project staff met at Agrocampus in Rennes for the first project Steering group and technical delivery meetings. Read more

SAMARCH: GWCT to lead on major new research into declining salmon and sea trout populations in the Channel area

The GWCT is proud to be the lead partner on a major EU-funded programme that will provide vital research on rapidly declining salmon and sea trout (salmonid) populations in the Channel area. Read more

Protecting our wildlife: EU project to improve management of Salmon
and Sea Trout Populations in the English Channel

The EU Interreg France (Channel) England programme has today (31 May 2017) announced that it will fund 5.4 million euros towards an environmental project led by Hampshire based Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust that will provide vital research on the populations of salmonids (salmon and sea trout) in the Channel area to better inform the management of these populations. Read more